About Industrial Project Innovation

Who we are

IPI is a program and project management company providing services to support our clients throughout the entire program life cycle. Our company leaders and employees have extensive backgrounds in the strategic planning, detailed planning, execution, start-up and maintenance of complex projects and facilities both domestically and internationally. Our team, including a resource base in excess of 150 people, has comprehensive experience in providing full-service project delivery based on industry leading practices developed for clients globally.

What we do

IPI is a group of professionals who focus on providing high-value support to our clients through proactive leadership in all phases of a program or project. We emphasize building long-term relationships with project participants and work in multiple industries under the guiding principles of our core values.

Dennis Braasch

Owner / Director

Russ Braasch

Owner / Operations Manager

Ryan Braasch

Owner / Manager of Projects

Kevin Ball

Owner / Business Manager

  • More than 30 years of experience in the engineering/construction field, domestically and internationally, especially in the automotive industry
  • Previously President of Global Performance
  • Vice President of Fluor Daniel Global Construction
  • Key management and operations resource with 15 years of experience in the planning and execution of major industrial projects
  • Successful execution of assembly plants for Honda, schools for GCSD, multiple commercial facilities, multiple pulp and paper plants
  • LEED Certified AP and OSHA 30-HR Certified
  • Marine Veteran with 5 + years of experience in industrial project management for major projects with Boeing, BMW, and others
  • International experience in Japan, South Korea, Australia and Afghanistan
  • LEED Certified AP
  • Two decades of experience in the design and construction management of major projects in the automotive and aerospace industries
  • Successfully led major programs for Boeing, BMW, Honda and others
  • Extensive experience in project management, project controls, contracts management, business systems and daily company operations