Safe. Clean. Organized.™

The principles by which we conduct our actions

Safe. Clean. Organized.™ is more than just a tag line. It is the underlying philosophy of how we at IPI conduct ourselves as a service provider. We know that the safety of everyone involved on the project is of paramount importance not just to us, but to the client as well. It is not enough to simply endeavor to be proactively safe in all activities on and off the job site; the mindset of practicing safety in all things must be fundamental to every aspect of our work to where it becomes principle to the culture of the company.


This is where clean and organized come into play. A safe work environment is much more likely to be the norm when the physical and mental surroundings of all associates are both clean and organized. This is why we implement our SCO system to continually monitor, improve and measure our commitment to stated goals both of our own associates as well as all project assets.


Together with the Core Values we espouse as an enterprise and within our community, the philosophy of Safe. Clean. Organized.™ is the DNA of IPI.