The IPI Lean Project Delivery System

Proven Best Practices to drive project success

The nature of each Project is to create a unique result. However, there are repetitive aspects in most project elements that have no influence on its uniqueness. To significantly reduce uncertainties during the Project Planning and Execution phases, we developed an advanced work packaging, called the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS). The LPDS is a lean approach to utilize those components of the Projects to increase performance while delivering the desired unique results.
Our LPDS is a complete Program guide based on proven Best Practices. This empowers us to improve the performance within the early stages of the project and establishes transparency throughout the execution process. The holistic approach demonstrates the relationship between the different elements of the project and illustrates the status during the entire project life cycle. Additionally, the LPDS is used as a staff training tool for repeatable project delivery.
The IPI Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) is a set up for a generic project, including a schedule plan and a best practice database that follows the whole project life cycle. The LPDS is easy to adjust to each specific project requirements; therefore, the LPDS can be used as the initial starting point for the project. The proven Best Practice database saves time and cost, especially during the early project phase and keeps the focus on the Front End Planning.


  • Training tool for our staff
  • Complete Program guide based on our proven Best Practices
  • Planning tool to prompt project participants to action at the appropriate times
  • Demonstrates the relationships of different project elements
  • Illustrates critical inputs are needed in a timely manner
  • Status transparency during the entire Project
  • Houses a proprietary best practice database